8 Jan
European parliament sets the cat amongst the pigeons
with proposals that businesses will find "overly strict and unworkable… will stifle innovation, add considerable cost to business and place unnecessary obstacles to e-commerce jobs and growth.”
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8 Feb
The industry unites
as the DMA's Data Protection 2013 Conference presents the best information and advice from the Information Commissioner, the DMA, Microsoft and Governor Technology.
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Feb – Apr 2013
State your case
by writing to your MEP about the likely impact on your business – this could be the most valuable time you'll invest in your livelihood this year, and it's crucial to do this in the next few weeks.
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May 2013
DMA continues to lobby
and to co-ordinate the direct marketing industry's voice as the debate continues in Brussels.
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March 2014
Proposals set to be agreed
Whatever the content, there's heavy political pressure in the EU to pass new data privacy legislation before Europe goes to the polls in June 2014.
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Be ready for change
Whatever happens, the way you do business is going change as new laws come into effect. We'll be giving you the best advice and information to make sure your business is ready to carry on with minimal disruption.
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